Windows 10 With Xbox 360

xbox one windows 10For those of you who don’t know, The Xbox experience has just got better. This is because Xbox will now be running with Windows 10 which means you will now be able to connect and play in more ways then ever before. No matter where you go you will still be able to connect and follow your friends, games and achievements on any built in windows 10  device.

One of the many features that you will experience with windows 10 is that it will allow you to stream your Xbox one games on your computer, laptop or tablet at home assuming your connected to your home WI-FI. This will be a great feature if you don’t want to use your Xbox but still want see what’s going on in the gaming world straight from your Xbox one.  Continue reading Windows 10 With Xbox 360

Fable Legends

If you are a fan of the Fable franchise you will be familiar with the world of Albion. In Fable legends David Eckelberry the game director at Lionhead studios Explains how he wanted to go back to the early age for example using magic and folk law. in the new franchise every experience you have it’s a different story. there will be stories in the co-operative sense so you will be able to play them with your friends for the first time and also in an oppositional sense so as the villain you will have a whole new story in which you have never been able to do before.

If your want to play on your own in an online session you are able to that by playing against AI’s in the game or if you just wanted to play with one friend you have the option to play 1v1. Eckelberry goes on to discuss the nemesis that you meet in the first chapter of the game which is magical lady of rosewood who is voiced by Lina Hedley (Game Of Thrones)

The good news with fable legends is that is completely free to download with Xbox one live gold membership. the game will be on release this holiday 2015.

Daily Xbox News And Deals

Xbox-One for websiteRight now Amazon are throwing an Amazing deal, If you buy an Xbox one, they are throwing in a free game of your choice. What’s more is the deal also includes Halo and the newly redesigned controller. The deal doesn’t end there, They are even throwing in a Logitech mouse and $40 worth of steam credit which allows you to download and play your favourite games with over a thousand choices to choose from.

Some of the amazing games that you can choose from with this deal includes; Batman: Arkham Knight, Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited and The Witcher: Wild Hunt. The Xbox one is on Amazon for $399.99 and has 1 Terabit of data. So if your looking for a fantastic deal head over to


Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition

If your a fan of the first Gears of War then you are going to love what Xbox one is bringing to you, A completely remastered version of their game has been produced and it looks amazing. In an interview with Rod Fergusson the man behind the game, He explains how the remastered version of the original game is worth playing.

Gears of war ultimate edition offers you 1080p, 60 frame per second multiplayer, new content, all 19 original maps and 5 new chapters. Every art asset in the game has been replaced, every cinematic has be re-motion captured. Also the remastered version offers early beta access to gears of war 4.

What Ron Fergusson wanted to do was modernise the game but still giving the gamers the emotional story that started the huge franchise. but on top of that GoW has given over two hours extra of story mode that has never before been played on Xbox. Gears of War Ultimate edition will be available to buy this holiday 2015 so if you are a fan of the GoW franchise make sure you look out for this game for some exciting play.


Review Of E3 2015

For those who never got a chance to see the E3 live stream on Xbox or YouTube, Here is a review of what went on including new games coming to Xbox this summer, New Microsoft gadgets and Xbox backwards compatibility!

At the E3 Conference this year which was held in LA, Bonnie Ross From 343 Industries announced that Xbox are delivering the greatest games line up in history. Ground-breaking indie games and blockbuster franchises were used to describe just what we have to come this holiday 2015.

Xbox Gadgets that were included at the E3 conference this year included the Microsoft hololens and a brand new Xbox controller, I will go through these gadgets at a later date and bring to you all these exciting things have to offer this year as well as the Microsoft hololens.


This brand new game from Comcept and Armature brings a futuristic first party franchise. Although Phil spencer Head of Xbox did not go into that much detail, The announcement video gave the people a good insight on what to expect In this new and exciting game.

You play as one of the last remaining humans who forges friendships with courageous robots, In this dynamic world you will lead them through an epic adventure which contains a lot of mystery.

Recore is an Xbox exclusive Game which will be available To buy in early spring 2016.


Xbox Backwards Compatability

The news you’ve been waiting for is finally here. Xbox Backwards compatibility is going to be available this holiday. For those who dont know what this means, Xbox backwards compatibility allows you to play your Xbox 360 games on the Xbox one. Not only that but you will now be able to connect to parties on each platform which enables you to play and talk to gamers on the Xbox 360.

Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox explains how he wants to deliver the largest games catalogue ever on Xbox. Mike Ybarra head of platform engineering gave a demonstration on how the Xbox compatibility works by playing Mass Effect. you will also be able to do the following Features; Take screenshots, Broadcasting, Game DVR and game streaming with the Xbox app on windows 10.

There is No official list of game titles that are Compatible with the Xbox one but a few titles that have been announced are Mass Effect, Assassin’s Creed and Saints War. Some games are available to play now on the Xbox one for premium players only. Are you a premium player? Comment below games that you have played or even games that you would like to play on the Xbox one.

Halo 5: Guardian

The first New game to be announced at the E3 conference this year was Halo 5: Guardian. Halo 5 See’s a new spartan assigned to hunting the greatest hero in humanity as he goes missing just as colony worlds are attacked unexpectedly. At the same time the spartan is trying to discover the mystery that threatens the life of the whole galaxy, But what could that mystery be?

What’s more, Josh Holmes from 343 industries talks about the scale of the multiplayer for halo 5 which includes; 24 players per online game, AI controlled adversaries, and massive enviroments which are 4 times the size of any previous halo map.

Halo 5: Guardian is available to Pre-order now with it’s release date being 27th October 2015

Happy Wars

Are you looking for a fun and exciting multiplayer game, Or even just a game which you can play on your own. do you have a low budget for games. Well if you haven’t already then you must look into happy wars. Happy wars is a Brilliant fast paced game that involves defending your castle whilst trying to build the most towers and taking the opposing teams castle down. Oh and its completely FREE.

In happy wars you can choose to be one of three characters; A Warrior, Mage or Cleric. A warrior is the fighter of the three wielding both funny and strong weapons including a fish sword and a chainsaw. a warriors main objective is to take out the enemy team whilst trying to take down the opposing castle.

The cleric is the Working character of the three, By this I mean your main objectives are to build everything from tower defences to gate rams and ladders. Also as the cleric one important power you have is to heal the other players in the game whilst they are trying to attack the opposing team. A cleric plays a big role in every game.

Lastly there is the mage. The mage is the magic character, its main powers are being able to produce lightning to take down the enemies and also can attack the opposite team from a distance in which a cleric or a warrior can not. A mage can still attack close up with their desired weapon but is better off using its magic to attack.

There are also many different game modes in happy wars, These range from quick mode which is a basic game where two teams battle it out to take each others castle down or whoever has the most towers by the end of the time limit, to co-op mode which you can play with your friends and other Xbox live players fighting against AI enemies. Happy wars is definitely a game you need to try if you have not already and can guarantee you hours of fun each time.